Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Gardening" 2009

I have developed quite the love of 'gardening.' I put gardening in quotations because we don't have a yard, so I have to put all of my plants in pots. It was worked out well. This last week I began my initial planting for this year. After I put them all out I felt like there aren't very many, so I might be adding to them at some point. The following pictures are the beginning. 

This year I have branched out from flower to veggies. In the large pot are two tomato plants. One of them will be grape tomatoes and the other a type of roma tomatoes. The medium size pot has a red pepper plant. The smallest pot has basil in it. The veggies are supposed to take about 2 months to produce fruit. So, hopefully come June I'll have some pictures of tomatoes and peppers! 

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Kansasponcho said...

Incredible view fromm the balcony!