Monday, April 13, 2009

Help! The ceiling is falling in!

So, this morning we had a big spring storm come through.  Nothing exciting with the storm, they are typical for this time of year. But then I'm sitting in the living room and I hear a sound like the window is open in our bedroom and the rain is coming in. I had gone in earlier to close the window I knew was open. I thought maybe a second one was open I didn't know about. Oh, no. That would've been nice. Instead I find water dripping all over the window, wall, and floor coming out of the ceiling! It started in the window closest to our living room and as the storm continued it spread across all of the windows. I hurry and grab towels and try as best I can to start sopping up the water. I can Sundance, who is our rental agency, to have them come send someone out to fix it. I called at around 9:30/10 am and
 it's 1:15 pm right now and I haven't heard anything. I've now gone through all of the towels we own, putting them in the washer to be rung out and then in the dryer to reuse. The rain has calmed down, so I'm hoping we're done with the dripping for the day. Below are pictures I took to document for myself and to show them whenever they decide to come and fix the problem. The final picture shows how the ceiling is now falling in.