Friday, March 20, 2009

It's a.....

We're having a GIRL!!!!!
This morning at our 20 week appointment we found out God has blessed us with a little baby girl. She is healthy and weighs 12 oz., which is right on track for how far a long I am. I am also healthy, doing great, and have gained 6 lbs. at this point.

Going into the appointment I was expecting them to tell us we were having a boy. Why? Because it seems all of my friends have had or are having boys and both of our families have LOTS of boys. Joe was hoping it was a girl and had thought that it was going to be a girl. I was quite surprised when we were told it was a girl. I was partly surprised because as soon as the tech put the doppler on my stomach she happened to hit right between the legs with a clear shot. She said "you're having a girl." I thought she was kidding because it seriously hadn't been two seconds since she had started. She told us she was 100% sure it's a girl because of the angle she was able to see the sex organs. To quote her she said, "There are no boy parts down there." We are both excited! :)

This first picture is a profile of our little girl. :) The one below it is one of her face straight on. It looks a little creepy because it mostly is emphasizing her skull. 

It was amazing getting to see all that we did. I am so grateful we have the technology we do. As you can see, the baby looks like a baby now. It was neat to get to see the heart beat again, her bones, and all of her organs. It was awesome to see the baby move on the screen while feeling it at the same time.

My clothes are slowly starting to get too small. A few of my pants still fit and some of my shirts do. I have upgraded to mostly maternity shirts at this point. They are just more comfortable. I know from the picture of my belly you wouldn't guess my clothes don't fit. People keep being surprised with how little my belly is, but I think people don't realize that you don't 'look' pregnant for most of the pregnancy. I feel great. I'm still able to workout on a regular basis. I haven't felt tired during the day or anything like that. I'm sure as things progress I will! No crazy cravings, although I do enjoy spicy food even more than I did before getting pregnant. Garlic bothers my stomach, so I try to avoid it. (Sorry Berni's!)
Thanks for all of your prayers and excitement during this time in our lives!!!!


Jordan said...

Johnena!!! So EXCITED for you!!! OMG, so awesome... little girls are the BEST! :)

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Kansasponcho said...

Thanks so much for the update. We love the pictures. Bob's sister is in Louisville and had no elec.for 4d. Amazing you all were there too.We will be in Louisville again June 5 for Bob's neice's wedding/family reunion. Any chance you all are in the area?Love, Bob and Char

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