Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To All My Lady Friends in FL

The picture below was taken at M0hollow's Bistro in FWB. The four of us (l to R: me, Sarah Jones, Elizabeth Olmstead, Natasha McClure) represent the remaining few of the women who participated in the Thursday morning Bible study. I started the study back in the late spring/early summer of our first year in FL, back in '07. The first ladies were Natasha, Sarah B., Katrina and Sissy. We are were newly married, recently moved to FL and none of us had kids. Over my time in FL the group fluctuated in size, growing up to about 12-14 ladies at one point. We all had kids during the time. We did Beth Moore studies, Kay Author and others. It was such a special group of ladies, friendships. I miss all of you so much and the fellowship we shared. I feel blessed that God saw fit to allow each of you to be a part of my life and your kids to be a part of Georgia's. I cannot express how much I will forever treasure those years.


Sarah said...

Aw, well-put, Johnena! I miss you, too, and FWB won't be the same without you and Joe. You both were integral parts of our personal/spiritual growth during the past three years.

Natasha said...

I feel the same way, Johnena. It has been and is wonderful to watch the evolution of the group. We think about you guys and hope you are doing well in CO! :)