Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Georgia Loves to Eat

I realized we have lots of pictures of Georgia eating. Probably because she LOVES to eat and ever since she started to feed herself has gotten more and more entertaining (aka messy) while eating. She has a huge appetite. She often will eat as much as I do. People don't really believe us until they witness the devouring. For a few months she wasn't gaining weight or really growing much so I think these past few months she just been making up for the missing calories.
She eats just about anything. She doesn't like lettuce because she can't chew it or watermelon. Not sure on the watermelon. Crazy things she's eaten include cilantro, raw red onion, salsa.
Here we gave her a fork to use for the first time. She holds it in her left hand, while eating with her right one. She does a bit better when a food requires a spoon.
Tip for new moms: get a bumbo seat with tray. I didn't think early on I would use this much, but she sat in it to eat at home for the first 3 or so months of eating. We take it with us to people's houses for her to sit in to eat and still do that even now.
Eating out: she eats so much we order off of the kids menu for her
Her first time eating scrambled eggs and toast.

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