Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Goodbye FL, Hello CO!

Monday, June 14th we left FL and began our road trip out west to CO. But before we left we had a goodbye bash on the beach with all of our friends. It was a good time of sun, sand, water and beach volleyball. I love the beach and will miss it!
A competitive game going on!
Georgia and her buddy Elliott: they always had such a good time playing together. I'm praying for God to bring a new little friend into her life here in CO.
Our last week in FL, during the movers and cleaning out of our apartment, we stayed with Andrea and Cobe. Georgia loves dogs and enjoyed getting lots of time with the Kendrick's dog, Cairo. I thought this picture perfectly captures the two of them.
This is our lunch stop in Texas, Ruby's BBQ. We were quite excited about getting some good Texas bbq on our trip. Texas encompassed days two and three of the drive. Day two we drove to Austin and stayed with Beth and John Starke.
Lots of quality time in the Subaru. (Thanks Rob for the car!) Joe was a champ and did most of the driving.
We ate at some eclectic places. I don't remember the name of this one. Joe had the gumbo and it was really good. Everything else on the menu was kind of greasy nasty. The cup he's holding is how the gumbo came out and was full of gumbo.
Day one we drove to Jackson, MS where my brother Joshua, is going to seminary. We got to spend time with he and his girlfriend, Ashley.

Our last stop was Clovis, NM to visit the Finesilvers. (Sorry there's no photo!) It was good to get to see them. From there we drove the final leg to Colorado Springs, where we arrived at our new house on Thursday evening! The drive out was long with long days. It was good to visit people along the way. We have lots of room in our new house so if you're in the Springs give us a call!

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