Monday, May 31, 2010

Fish Lipz

In a nutshell Fish Lipz in Fort Walton is to be by passed. We went at around 2 pm on a Monday and had to wait a good 15 minutes for a table. When we were seated we found there were plenty of empty tables, so why exactly we had to wait we weren't sure. We proceeded to wait more. We waited on our drinks, salads and food for an excessive amount of time. The food itself was ok, but nothing special. With the price for an entree at $15 or more you would hope for at least good food. I will say the view was pretty (see below). No matter where you were seated you had a good view of the water. They also have outdoor seating. I give the service a D, food a C+, but the view A-.


Fish Lipz said...

Dear Team Brown,
I do apologize for your lengthy wait today.

We seat customers according to table load, i.e, each server is assigned a certain number of tables. This is an industry standard to better offer the highest level of customer service.

I also apologize that you were not 100% satisfied with your food. Please let me know what you ordered.

We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, and comments like yours will help us reach that goal.

Would you mind telling me who your server was today?

Joe, Johnena and Georgia Brown said...

Our server was Travis. He was great, very friendly and prompt. Our dissatisfaction with the food and untimely seating, etc. was in no way due to him.

Fish Lipz said...

Thank you for sharing that with me. I did ask the staff what all was going on at 2 PM while you were there.
I have instructed them to inform customers of why they are waiting, i.e., the servers have reached their maximum number of tables they are assigned.

I talked with the chef as well to find out if anyone complained about the food. We always hope our customers will notify us while they are there so we can address it immediately.

What did you order?