Monday, January 25, 2010

January Happenings

Georgia continues to grow leaps and bounds. She is starting to sit up by herself and prefers to play most of the time sitting up now. She has started to combine consonants with vowels when 'talking'. It sounds like she says 'mama', but not really. :) Georgia has now discovered her feet and uses them to help grab toys and entertain herself. She's only put them in her mouth a few times. She continues to be quite the social butterfly enjoying time in the nursery at church, any time she's with other babies and our friends who love to hold her. Enjoy some of the latest pictures of her below.
People often think she's a boy when we're out and about (even if she has pink or purple on!), which bothers me, so I've started putting headbands and bows in her hair. Dad hates the headbands, but admitted he likes the bows. :)

My friend Sarah had a little boy Elliott, two weeks after Georgia. We've just started having them 'play' together. It's funny to watch them try and figure out what the other is. They 'talk' and grab at each other. It makes me think of the movie 'Look Who's Talking' and I wonder what they are saying.


Dave and Judy said...

She is SO PRETTY. The blue eyes are super also. We now have a new grandbaby. Isaac Ethan born Jan25th 3 1/2 kg 52cm 7#11oz;20 1/2"

He was born in Macedonia so we will see him in August sometime except for great SKYPE.

Kathy J said...

Those pictures are so, so cute!!!!