Thursday, February 4, 2010

USAFA here we come!

As many of you know, we began praying this past spring that God would take us to the Air Force Academy (USAFA) for our next assignment. Some of our best friends, Sarah and Brandon Bernardoni and Corban and Katrina Bryant have gotten orders there. We wanted to be able to continue to minister and share life with them. It has also been a desire of Joe's for some time to be able to go back to USAFA to teach.
Teaching at USAFA is considered a special assignment because it is outside of whatever career field one is in. This summer when Joe began the process of applying, he had been told people weren't being released from Intel to go do non-intel assignments and that the chance of him being released to even apply were slim to none. He told his coordinator, 'well, I won't get accepted if I don't apply and I serve a big God.' This summer he found out he was released to apply to USAFA. God 1, AF 0. Then as he applied we found out in January the political science department requested him by name to come and teach. God 2, AF 0. Yesterday we found out Joe has officially been given the assignment to teach! God 3, AF 0. God is good!
We are SO excited for this next adventure!


Supa Sparks said...

We are so thrilled for you guys!!! What awesome news :) Go God, yay for the Browns and Joe you will be an excellent teacher!! Please keep us in the loop and we'll be praying for a smooth transition!

Kathy J said...

Praise God! Way to believe Him for big things. Are you by any chance talking about the air force base in Colorado Springs? If so, I'd love to come down from Fort Collins and catch up and meet Joe and Georgia once you get settled!

Dave and Judy said...

Johnena, Just to let you know Melanie is there with her husband in COS. He is based at Fort Carson with the Army. Will send you msg on FB with some info. Know you will enjoy COS and being a bit closer to home folks.