Monday, January 4, 2010

Georgia Eats Cereal

So, these posts are a little out of order. I do have pictures from Christmas, but I'm waiting for pictures from our time in KY to do the Christmas post. I know the grandparents would want to see these pictures and video, so I'm doing this post first.

New Years Eve we fed Georgia rice cereal for the first time. Ever since middle of December she has wanted to be at the table with us when eating and started recognizing us eating and drinking and wanting to join in. With traveling I didn't want to start her on solids until after we came back to keep things easier. She drank out of a straw for the first time Dec. 20th and so we bought her a couple of cups to distract her with while we were eating. Well, she LOVED the cereal. She couldn't get enough and took to it right away. Thanks Uncle Joshua and Daniel for the bib. It was great in keeping the mess off of her clothes.
Georgia is 5 months old today and 1) I can't believe how fast time has gone by 2) it's really fun watching her grow and learn new things. I know things will continue to go by quickly as she starts eating more food and soon I'm sure learning to crawl.

Yum! I'm such a big girl now!
Hurry! Give me more food!
Hey, Daddy, give me the spoon! I can feed myself.
Enjoy the videos below!

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