Monday, December 21, 2009

Overnight to Pensacola

Joe and I were blessed with my parents being in town and able to watch Georgia for us while we went to Pensacola for the night. Thank you also to Grandma for the Christmas money which we used towards the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at and to the Bernardoni's who gave us gift certificates to the places we ate at.
It was the first time Joe and I left Georgia overnight. It was a great time for us and Georgia did great as well. We went to the Fish House for dinner and the Melting Pot for dessert.
Shrimp a Ya Ya, yum!
The fish special of the night with vanilla bean foam. The description the waiter gave sounded straight from Top Chef.
3 1/2 great years together!
The B & B we stayed at had a tandem bike. It was a lot harder to maneuver than you would think. We about crashed when we first got on it. The back handlebars don't move, they are simply something to hang on to and the pedals are connected. It was fun riding around the historic area.

They upgraded our room and it had a jacuzzi tub in it!
The balcony off of our room
The house was beautifully decorated for Christmas. This picture doesn't do the center piece on the tables justice. It was really pretty.

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Lane said...

Nice! Glad ya'll had a chance to get away...Joe, the awesome...