Monday, June 8, 2009

Week 32/ Month 8

Here's the belly shot! :) There's no denying now that I'm pregnant. The last few weeks I've started having strangers ask me when the baby is due, etc. It's interesting how they wait until there is no question if I'm pregnant or just carrying some extra weight, before asking about being pregnant. 
Things continue to go great. No complications. I'm healthy and the baby is healthy. We feel really blessed and are praying for the pregnancy to continue this way. At my doctors appointment on Friday they did a quick ultrasound to check the position of the baby. She has turned and now facing head down! I'm praying she stays this way until she's ready to come out! It was fun to get to have a quick glance at our little girl. She has hair, we could see it in the ultrasound. :) 
The other interesting news in babyland, is we've started taking birthing classes at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center where I'll be giving birth. We've now gone to 2 of the 6 classes that are 2 1/2 hours each. The classes combine all the info on preparing for labor and the details of that, with Lamaze exercises.  I feel like they are going to give us the preparation we need when the time comes. At least, as much as we can have, not having had a baby before! 

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TheFrazers said...

Okay, thats a good belly shot. You look gorgeous! Just wait until a stranger asks to touch your belly. Its the most awkward thing in the world I think. One lady rubbed my belly for like 3 felt like 15. Enjoy your body right really do look amazing. Please tell Ang I said hello and that she looks great as well.