Monday, June 1, 2009

Hunter Gatherer

Joe bought a crab trap back in March and since then has had quite the success with catching crabs. The two type of crabs he catches are blue crabs and stone crabs. The blue crabs are actually blue. The stone crabs are brown with large claws. We only eat the claws of the stone crabs, so Joe just breaks one of them off and throws the guy back into the water. The claws regenerate. He only takes one claw to leave the crab something to defend themselves with. The meat of the blue crab is sweet and better tasting. He tends to catch more of them as well. I think over all he's caught around 15 or so that we've eaten. The other thing with the blue crabs is that they take so much work to get all of the meat out of them they need to be big enough to be worth the effort. So, he's actually caught many more, they just haven't been big enough to eat. 
Below is a picture of the crab trap with crabs in it. He just throws the trap off of the dock that is behind our house. Pin fish or chicken carcasses are the best bait. 
Joe working on getting the crabs out. 
One of the blue crabs in our kitchen sink. 
Some of the crabs after being boiled. No matter what color they start out as, they all turn reddish orange after being cooked. 

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