Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crab'n on the Bayou

Every place Joe lives he likes to pick up a new 'sport'. Since we're in FL and live on the water he has started fishing and just recently bought a crab trap. This morning he checked our trap after filling it with the bones leftover from buffalo wings last night. There were two stone crabs inside. Stone crabs have large claws with the best meat. They are regulated though, and have to be a certain size to be able to be taken. Only one of the crabs had a claw big enough. Here's the crab we kept. Their claws are quite strong, enough that it can bruise your bone! Joe was smart and grabbed some tactical gloves before engaging with the crab.Here is the claw he took. It measured about 5 1/2 inches long. So we boiled the claw and made a scramble with the meat.
This is our resident Heron. We see him almost everyday around our 'backyard'. He was out on the dock when Joe went to check the crab trap.

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