Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welsh Rabbit

Joe and I have established what you might call a 'tradition' in our family for Saturday mornings. We sleep in (if I have my way :) ) and Joe pretty much always cooks a big breakfast for us, usually making some kind of delicious egg dish. Often it is some kind of scramble. This last Saturday he wanted to branch out and try something new. He made Welsh Rabbit. Unlike the name implies it doesn't call for rabbit. The sauce that is used is a rarebit sauce, which often is mispronounced as 'rabbit', hence the name. The sauce is cheddar cheese, beer, worcheshire sauce and red pepper. The other components of the dish are english muffins, canadian bacon and poached eggs. We didn't have any canadian bacon, so we had sausage on the side instead. Joe also poached his first eggs for this recipe. They turned out well. Over all the dish was great and has inspired Joe to continue to try new recipes for Saturday morning.

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hancock said...

Dude, send me the recipe for welsh rabbiot. It sounds awesome