Sunday, November 2, 2008

Air Commando Wives 10k

This Saturday I (finally!) ran the 10k/6.2 miles I had been training for while Joe was deployed. There wasn't one 'officially' happening in the area, so Joe created one for us. It was great. He came up with the route, made t-shirts, marked out water stations and even had a finish line. There ended up being 3 of us who ran in it; Sarah Jones-who I had been running with all summer, Sarah Bernardoni and myself. Here we are at the start of the race. (l t0 r: Sarah B., Sarah J., myself) We started out in the park next to our house.
Each of our husbands followed us on bikes, giving us water and directing us where to go on the route. (l to r: Kelly Jones, Joe, Berni Bernardoni)

Here we are getting set to go, getting our play lists ready and our stop watches set.
This is about 2 miles into the race.
Here Sarah J and I are running through the mile loop in Ferry Park. This loop was always a part of our runs as we trained. This summer we got up early (5:30am!) to run because it was so hot and humid. The nice part about it is we would see the same people each morning walking around the park as well. It was neat to get to say hi to them as we passed.
At this point we're about 4 miles into the race. At mile 5 my shoe began to come untied. I didn't want to stop to tie it because I knew I would lose momentum and have a hard time starting up again. So, I ran the rest of the race with my shoe coming more untied. By the end I was having a hard time even keeping it on my foot.
Here we are at the finish line! Sarah was awesome and finished in 1:03. She waited on me to cross the finish line together.
Yea! I did it! I finished in 1:06. I felt so strong and empowered after having completed it. Running that distance wasn't something I had thought in the past I could see myself doing or would've been able to do. But now I feel stronger and that I would be able to do other athletic things well I might not have thought before.
Here we are, sweaty and displaying the sweet shirts we earned. :)
Next up...a half marathon????.......

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