Monday, October 27, 2008

Camping on Dauphin Island, AL

We went camping with our friends Sarah and Berni Bernardoni & Sarah and Kelly Jones on Dauphin Island, AL. It was a really good time enjoying the outdoors and the beautiful fall weather.
Our first stop was to visit historic Fort Gaines. They were having a "Renaissance Festival" that Saturday. It was quite the experience. It wasn't so much a festival as it was a reason for a bunch of people to dress up in costumes and hangout. There wasn't much for people to see or participate in if you weren't part of the festival.
From there we went to the Audubon Bird Sanctuary. Kelly is an ornithologist, so we were able to learn about all the birds and other animals we saw along the trail. Along with lots of birds there were tons of butterflies everywhere. I thought this bush was pretty.
That night we cooked up some grub, spent time hanging out around the campfire and of course ate Smores.

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