Sunday, November 2, 2008


Once again the Bernardoni's hosted a Costume party at Halloween. There were quite the display again this year. It was a good time. The background for our costumes......when Joe came back he gave Rob Vogt a hat. As we were talking about it with whoever was there at the time the idea was thrown out about being Osama bin Laden for Halloween. Now, if you knew Rob, you would know he's a goofy guy and ridiculous about things. For him to be Osama, was hilarious. Thus, the idea was born for Rob to be Osama, Joe to be another dictator and for me to be an embedded reporter, because every terrorist/dictator needs their media outlet.
Joe as Fidel Castro and Rob as Osama.
Teddy and Lupe Batarao as Constantine and his wife.
Sarah and Berni as Clara Barton and some random dude. Most people guessed he was Jimmy Carter.
Kim and Andrew Finesilver as George Washington and Abe Lincoln.
They borrowed a fire pit where people made smores.

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