Thursday, October 2, 2008

Into the Wild

Joe here. Finally, I'm back and contributing (after much cajoling) to our blog. For our post-deployment time I wanted to take Johnena on a series of dates, one of which was a beach camping trip. So, we traveled to Perdido Key National Seashore, near the AL border to camp out.
Here we are at Naval Live Oaks National Forest in Gulf Breeze, FL. Unfortunately, once we reached the Perdido Key we found out that the road into the camping area had been sanded over by our recent visit by Hurricane Ike. This turned the normal 1/2 mile walk to the camping beach into a 2.5 mile trek. Good thing we packed light!

Johnena is Air Commando tough!

Surprisingly, Florida in September is not as warm as one might think. In trying to keep our packs light, we only brought a bedsheet to sleep under. Once night fell the wind started blowing on the open beach and it got pretty chilly.

A cool part about the trip was the full moon which lit the beach up to nearly mid-day illumination. It enabled us to see alot of ghost crabs.

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