Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Ike

Last year we didn't have any Tropical Storms, hurricanes or effects from any that might have come into the Gulf. This year, however, we've had a few interesting times. Back in late August we had threats of Tropical Storm Fay. Sadly, (although should I really be saying that?) we hardly got any rain and really nothing exciting from it at all. The storm ended up shifting directly north of us bringing minimal precipitation. In the following two pictures it's raining slightly during Fay. These next two pictures and the video are the effects we are getting from Hurricane Ike, which is hundreds of miles south of us in the Gulf. We had these same effects from Hurricane Gustov, when it blew by Labor Day. Normally the water is at least 2-3 feet below the docks seen here. It's flooding over them now. This is the park next to our building. The water is flush with the grass and flooding up into the park at least a foot. Hopefully in the video below you can get a sense of the wind blowing and the water.

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