Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

The theme for this years Halloween Party was board games. Georgia and I went from the game 'Settlers of Catan'. I was a settler and she was my resource, a sheep. :)

Jacobe and Andrea Kendrick hosted the party this year. They dressed as the characters from 'Where's Waldo?"
Steph came as dice, a play on her last name, Dyess. Katrina, who was in town visiting me, came as the robber in 'Settlers'.
Scott won for best costume. He came as the game 'Operation'. His costume actually buzzed when you tried to get the pieces of candy out. I was quite impressed.
We played lots of fun game, including a variation on charades.


r1versedge said...

Love your choice and your sheep!

Kathy J said...

That's so creative!