Thursday, September 3, 2009

Month in Review

So as you can imagine this first month has flown by without much time to add to the blog. As I am typing this, I'm rocking Georgia in the bouncy seat with my foot to keep her calm to be able to work on this. :) Here are some of the many pictures from her first month of life.
week 4
Week 3, she's laying in her crib, she's not sleeping in it yet at night, but I've been trying to have her take naps in it to get used to sleeping in her room. After this weekend we won't be having any more guests and it is our plan to move her in there.
week 4, she has started to smile more and to make fun cooing sounds. I'm going to try to video her making the cute sounds.
Often I find her sleeping in this position. I call it the "I surrender" pose. It seemed she often had her hands up near her face in the womb, so I think it's a carry over.
This is the first time I used the stroller. We went to the mall. She did great, she slept the entire time! I LOVE the stroller. It's really light weight making it easy to take in and out of the trunk and for me to handle on my own.
We have a vibrating seat we put her in, mainly when we're eating dinner or when I'm trying to get something done while she's awake. She gets the funniest look on her face when it first gets going. Her hands go out as to steady herself too.
week 3, at her 2 week check up she was 9 lbs and 22 inches, having gained a lb. and grown and inch since birth.
Our birthing class instructor had suggested Joe hold her in what is called the 'football hold'. I thought it would be only appropriate to have him do the Heisman pose while holding her in this position.
Trying out the baby bjorn for the first time. She spit up on Joe as soon as we were trying to put her in it. It was quite funny, something you would see in a movie, you couldn't have planned the timing any better.
She likes hanging out on the floor, in her swing or bouncy seat or on the bed. It's fun to watch her look around, squirm and make noises.
We had many adventures in diaper changing the first few weeks. Well, I say we, but mostly it was Joe, he was great and did most of the diaper changing. She had so many times where she started pooping after the diaper had been taken off and she had just been cleaned making a huge mess. This is the only time it's gotten all over her clothes like this, but I had to take a picture as a representation of all the other crazy diaper changes.
This is the first piece of mail Georgia received addressed to her. It was from Larry and Julie Matthews. We thought it would be funny to actually put her in the package, especially since it says 'handle with care'.
Uncle Joshua, Johnena's brother, was also able to come and visit.
13 days old
Mommy and daughter :)
9 days old
first time in the swing

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Jordan said...

Oh, she is absolutely darling!!! I am SO happy for you guys. :)