Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hunter Gatherers

During this last Labor Day Weekend we had some great guests to Laguna Landing.

My brother Tom came down from Eastern Kentucky University where he is a history major preparing for seminary. He stayed with us and we really enjoyed the time. We played Frisbee golf at a local park and took Georgia on her first off-road adventure.

Later in the weekend, my college roommate Adam Kawatski and his wife Sara came down from Valdosta, GA. We really enjoyed fellowshipping with them and sharing what God was teaching us in our respective stages of life. The highlight though (for the guys anyway) was spearfishing!

We borrowed Kelly Jones' speargun and pole spear and freedove at Mid Bay Bridge and CC Meigs Bridge in Niceville.

We shot 7 fish, including a very large mullet, a flounder, and five sheepshead. Perfect for fish tacos!

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