Friday, July 3, 2009

The Final Countdown!!

It's the final countdown!!! (I have that song from the 80s, don't know what band sang it, in my head when I say or think of the phrase.)
30 days from today, or we're hoping less, is when baby girl Brown is due. Overall I still feel good and am healthy. Mostly it's no fun being pregnant in FL in July. I am frequently hot in places others are cold! :) Also, my belly and the baby are at full capacity now making it hard to bend down/over. But we are thanking God for the health of the baby and myself.
If you would be willing to lift us up in prayer these last weeks/days we'd appreciate it. A few specifics we are praying for:
-continued good health
-for the baby to come a week or so early ( Joe is going to have to leave early Sept. and we would like to have as much time as the 3 of us before he leaves.)
-no complications in the labor and delivery
-no need for a c-section
-God to be preparing us to be godly parents and the HUGE new stage of life we'll be transitioning into

1 comment:

jchaas said...

I completely agree on the 'come a week or so early baby(ies)' that's exactly what we're thinking :)
I'm glad you and the baby are doing well and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers, thanks for the updates,
C, J and baby H