Saturday, June 14, 2008

Washington DC

The end of April Joe had to go up to DC for work and I went with him. The trip was lots of fun. We stayed at a really nice Mariott thanks to the US Government. During the day while Joe worked I hopped on the metro (I love public transportation!) and toured the city.

We celebrated my bithday while in DC. Joe took me to the resteraunt that is on top of the Kennedy Center.

It was a VERY nice resteraunt. It reminded us of the Mastercard commercial where the couple saved all their points to be able to go to this fancy resteraunt, then the food was small and really it wasn't all they thought it was going to be cracked up to be. The food portions were small and everything quite expensive. We ordered water, no salad or anything like that, ONLY an entree each and it was still almost $100! We left there and went to Georgetown for dessert.

We don't do well with finding our way around in new places while driving, so I convinced Joe to get a GPS with our rental car. We loved it. Joe especially LOVED it. There is an option to look up a specific place and so he took it everywhere with us even when we were walking!


Joe and Johnena Brown said...
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KYmama said...

A GPS...what a great idea! Now maybe Joe won't get lost!