Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Please Pray for Afghanistan

As I was having my Quiet Time last night I was burdened to begin praying for Afghanistan. I hear about them in the news often and know people over there, but often the thought of the country doesn't move past that. But God was reminding me that it's not just a name of a country, but people, millions of people. People who's lives are daily endangered, threatened and dramatically altered in ways I pray I will never know first hand. And as I began to pray I became overwhelmed with the realities of their lives. Where do you even begin to pray? Not only that, but the situation is so GOD sized. Only GOD can stop the fighting, change the false indoctrinated thinking, bring healing and peace. Then the words to the song "Indescribable" by Chris Tomlin and "How Great is Our God" came into my mind. GOD is so great and powerful that He can do the impossible, the imaginable. And I, we, can play a part in the miraculous work by interceding in prayer for the Afghan people.

So, I ask and challenge you to begin to pray for the Afghan people. Below are some things to be specifically asking God for. (I got these suggestions off of the Operation World website,

There are 32 million Afghan people living in a country about the size of Texas. The country is Muslim with about 3,000 people who are Christians. The median age is a young 17 years old. The country has been at war for 22 years. 1 million people have died, 2 million left maimed and 4 million children orphaned.

1) For openness to the gospel through their suffering.

2) For peace, Reconstruction, an awakening to moderation and tolerance.

3) For just, fair and honorable government to be raised up.

4) For protection, faith and witness for Christians and small fellowship groups. Afghanistan has the most least reached people groups in the world (70). There are 48,000 mosques and no churches.

5) For basic human rights to be restored to women.

6) For the Bible to be translated into Afghan Persian. They currently don't have the Bible in their language.

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