Friday, August 6, 2010

Georgia is 1 year old!

*First off, disclaimer for so many pictures. The grandparents weren't able to be here for her birthday and had requested lots of pictures. Thus, there are lots of pictures below.

Georgia is LOVED, LOVED, LOVED by so many people. She had a great birthday. We went to the park and swung on the swings. She loves to swing. If I let her I think she would swing for an hour. I get done after 30 minutes or so. That evening we opened presents with her. I did wrap some of them, but she didn't really get the concept of opening them. Because I suspected this would be the case, I grouped many of her gifts together and put them in gift bags to speed up the process. I had planned a little party for her the day after her birthday, but she ended up having a fever and not feeling well, so unfortunately I had to cancel. We did still enjoy some yummy carrot cake.
The birthday girl waking up from her nap.
Nana came to visit in July and gave early birthday presents. This shopping cart was one of them. The other fun gift was a kitchen play set.
Georgia has become quite affectionate. She loves this angel bear, seen in the picture and her daisy duck Berni and Sarah gave to her.
Thanks Aunt Katie and Uncle Jeff, Uncle Thom and Issa for the neat storybook and Noah's Ark!

Georgia loves music and toys that are interactive. She always starts dancing whenever she hears music. This Winnie the Pooh train has all of that. Thanks Grandma and Papou!
Uh, Mommy...what do I do with this?
Sucess! The toy inside!
It was so cute! As soon as she got the baby, while it was still in the package, she immediately hugged the doll. She's also tried to give the baby her pacifier. It's amazing how early she's already understanding things like that.
Big Yiayia and Papou gave Georgia lots of fun things from Disneyland. This cup with Daisy and Minnie was one of them.
Georgia loves the bathtub and going to the pool. Mommy and Daddy gave her some new bath toys.
Daddy also got Georgia a special gift, an AF Falcons sweatshirt. We can't wait to cheer them on this football season. Go Falcons!
The morning after. So many fun new toys!
We've been working on blowing on food when it's hot, so I was hoping she might blow out the candle, but I ended up having to do it.
Sorry, no crazy frosting everywhere pictures. I hardly put any frosting on her cupcake. I didn't want to clean up the mess and I didn't want her getting sick from all of the sugar. As you can see from the photo, she did just pick the whole thing up and start chowing down.
Thanks again to everyone who sent her gifts!

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