Sunday, August 9, 2009

First Days at Home

We've been home for about 3 days now. Hard to believe! Time has flown by and much of it is a blur. It's been so nice being home though and not having constant interuptions, like we did at the hospital. Joe's parents have been a HUGE blessing, helping out with meals, shopping for food, doing laundry, cleaning. I don't know what we'd be doing with out them! Joe and I have been trying to rest up, get settled and been enjoying our daughter! :)
The last day in the hospital
In the car seat getting ready to go home!
Here she's in the Pack 'n Play in our bedroom. She looks so tiny in it! It seems to be comfortable because she sleeps really well.
Bright flash in the face, but this is when she's 3 days old, the day we brought her home.
This is on day 4 of her little life. :) She is often on this changing table. Yesterday she started pooping in her diaper. Let me tell you we've had some adventures already! Many times we were changing her and she wasn't quite done and so it got all over her. I think by the middle of the night we'd gone through about 5 outfits.

Thanks for all of the well wishes! :) Those of you in the local area we would love visitors if you've been wondering about coming by. Just give us a call! :)


Dave and Judy said...

Johnena She is so cute. Know you both are thrilled and your folks also. You can go to our blog and check up on us also.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, check out the pictures that I posted on facebook

r1versedge said...

so precious!!