Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We Ran a 5k and All We Got Were These Lousy Ponchos

Sarah and I have been training to run a 10k in September. As part of our training we were supposed to run a 5k. Saturday we ran in the Red Cross Red, White and Blue 5k in Fort Walton Beach. We were pretty excited about it. Sarah had never ran in a race before and I was looking forward to improving on my time from the 5k I ran last year. Well, it was REALLY hot, already over 80 degrees at 7:30 am and we're used to running at 6 am when it's significantly cooler. Needless to say we didn't do as well as we have during some of our regular runs. But it was still a lot of fun! Here we are at the end of the race, notice the look of pain on my face, while Sarah looks cheerful.
This is after the race. The picture doesn't do justice to how hot and sweaty we were. We had gotten an email advertising Miss Florida would be at the race. Of course we assumed she was going to be running in the race, because why else advertise her being there? She was there, but didn't run the race! If you look to the left of us you can see her. Check out the sweet sash! Part of the fun of running in a race is getting the t-shirt. There was no t-shirt in this race. :( Instead the Red Cross thought they would help people be 'hurricane ready' by handing out ponchos. Who hands out ponchos?!?!? At least it gave us some good laughs and pictures. That night there was a BBQ at the Berni's house to get people together and celebrate the run. They got us a cake.

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Sarah said...

I was only pretending to be cheerful because I saw Kelly standing on the sidelines taking our picture. :) Thanks for being an awesome running partner!